Ultrasound and Echocardiography

Our veterinarians are skilled veterinary ultrasonographers, and we have invested in the most advanced ultrasound technology available on the market today. Ultrasound is an important diagnostic tool for thoracic and abdominal issues. If we suspect a blockage, cancer or if blood tests are inconclusive our doctors can use ultrasound can give them a better look at the area. Ultrasound enables the doctor to safely use non-invasive methods of obtaining samples from internal organs. Critical diagnostic information can be obtained and usually the pet is hardly aware that a procedure was even carried out. However if cultures, biopsies or needle aspirates do need to be done for further evaluation ultrasounds can provide significant guidance to the doctor. If a mass is found and we suspect cancer we can test the growth and begin cancer treatment more quickly which will give your pet a chance at a good outcome, often without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Ultrasound has also been revolutionary in veterinary cardiology and we are now able to accurately diagnose and treat heart problems. Diagnosing heart problems allows us to prescribe the medications needed to return the heart to optimum function.

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