Spay and Neuter

Scrub Sinks and OR 2Spaying and neutering your pet is not only a benefit to your community by preventing overpopulation, it is also a benefit to your pet. It can prevent onset of certain reproductive cancers as well as certain urinary, rectal, and hernia problems that can develop later in life. This procedure may also help to alter inappropriate behaviors from your pet.

North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital recommends spaying or neutering your pet during their first year. Our doctors like to do a new pet exam soon after adoption and follow up with deworming and puppy and kitten vaccines. Our hospital usually recommends spaying and neutering between six and eight months of age.

Prior to surgery, we will check for retained baby teeth, umbilical hernias, and testicles that have not descended. If your pet’s doctor finds any abnormalities, they will notify you and discuss the best possible care for your pet.

We believe that spaying or neutering is in the best interest of your pet.