Senior Pet Care

Maya in a HatDid you know that pets age faster than people and they can be considered “seniors” at around 7 years of age? Just as our health care needs change as we age, your pets health care needs also change.

At North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital we know how important your pet companion becomes to you over the years. Understanding the stage of life your pet is experiencing is the key to providing the appropriate care at the right time. Senior status varies according to breed and your pet’s life experiences.

Regular well-ness visits are important for every stage or your pets’ life, especially during their senior years. Understanding the aging process is the best way to help your pet. Even if your senior pet has already been treated for a medical condition it is important to maintain appointments with their doctor. Medications and dosages may need to be changed and routine well-ness blood work and diagnostics are important to evaluate how your pet is responding to current treatments or changes in their age.

Pets are living longer than ever thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and with the supportive care from their owners. Questions about your pets care and participation in decisions is encouraged, which helps us to foster a relationship to ensure your pet is healthy and happy throughout their “golden years”.