Pain Management

North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital’s approach to pain management begins with anticipating potentially painful procedures and taking steps from the beginning through your pet’s treatment and recovery process. Various types of pain can mask themselves differently in pets. For example chronic arthritis may show very subtle signs and go unnoticed unless you know what to look for. We are fortunate to have a caring, compassionate staff that is skilled in recognizing the various signs of pain and they can work with you to create an individualized plan for your pet’s pain management. Some of the pain management techniques we use include local and epidural anesthesia, injectable opioids like morphine and Buprenorphine, oral and injectable and NSAIDs, and a variety of combinations of the above.

We are dedicated to providing safe and effective pain management from routine procedures (spay or neuter) to more advanced surgeries (bone and TTA) to chronic conditions (arthritis). We will help you to recognize the signs so that you can help us to modify your pet’s treatment as needed.

The heart of quality, compassionate patient care begins with recognizing and relieving our patient’s pain. We take pain management seriously whether that is through medication, therapy, or other treatments. Your pet’s comfort is important to us.