Orthopedic Surgery

A number of our more experienced surgeons have a special interest in orthopedic surgery. We have the expertise and equipment to treat bone fractures using, IM pin fixation, external fixation and ASIF plating. Routinely we correct ruptured ACL ligaments and luxating patella in dogs. We also maintain a comprehensive referral service for those surgeries that require even more specialized equipment.

ACL tears are repaired primarily by lateral suture fixation in small dogs and cats and in large dogs by the TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) technique. To date we have performed over 400 TTA’s and more than 1000 lateral sutures with outstanding results.

Luxating patellas are repaired using a combination of techniques using some or all the following. Trochlear groove deepening or sulcoplasty, joint lubrication and movement of its patella tendon insertion on the tibia.

Other significant orthopedic surgeries we routinely perform are arthroscopy of the shoulder and elbow in dogs for OCD, UAPD and FMCP lesions. We will also perform femoral head and neck resections for Leg-Calve-Perthes disease and severe degenerative joint disease of the hip.

Fracture repair will vary on a case by case basis as to what type of fixation is used.