Nutritional Counseling

Your pet’s diet is essential to his or her overall health and longevity. At North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital we will provide you with a nutritional plan that is appropriate for your pet’s age, weight, lifestyle, and breed. By also looking at your pet’s current health condition and past history, we can help you with a plan to keep him or her happy, healthy, and active.

We know that maintaining your pet’s weight at is optimum level is important because an overweight pet is more likely to encounter problems such as diabetes, joint disease and arthritis. It’s important to manage your pet’s diet and exercise throughout his or her life because weight gain or loss can be a symptom of serious illness, which can lead to a shortened life of your beloved pet.

Regular check-ups and staying on the prescribed diet will keep your pet happy and healthier for a long time.

We offer prescriptions diets from Royal Canine Hills and Purina.